A smart home starts with Alexa.

In 2014, Alexa, the artificial intelligence based on voice control of Amazon. Her goal is to be an assistant in household chores and make everyday life easier. Alexa is used through Echo devices and with the same Wi-Fi network you can control other compatible smart home devices. Next we will see the most popular electronic devices that work with Alexa.

1. Speaker Threw out

This is one of the Echo devices which can be used to control Alexa. Speaking through this accessory and its microphones, we can ask Alexa how the weather is, ask her to do the math or to control any connected household electronics. Thanks to the quality of its speakers, it is also ideal for listening to music.

Available in black or white and with a price of $ 99.99This is the second best-selling accessory on the list. In addition to being an inexhaustible source of information and being able to control various smart applications and accessories, Echo speakers They can connect with each other to communicate within the home with other family members.

2. Speaker Echo Dot

This is a newer and more compact version of the Echo speaker, which offers you the same functionalities as the previous model. You can also choose the version Echo Dot Kids It is designed for children, with specialized and controlled content. Alexa has thousands of skills that are improving every day and that can help you simplify household chores.

With a price of $ 49.99 Y available in three colors, is the best-selling product in the guide. In addition, it has a very high valuation in Amazon since customers highlight its great value for money and its multiple functionalities.

3. Nightstand display Echo Show 5

In addition to being able to control Alexa through the speakers, you can do it with the devices Echo Show, which are small screens with a built-in camera, microphone and speaker. With Echo Show 5 You can use all the features of Alexa and more, as you can make video calls, watch live smart security cameras, watch videos, recipes and more.

For price of $ 89.99This product is designed for the nightstand and can be used as an alarm clock and clock, but it also adapts very well to any other space in the house. It offers much more possibilities than Echo speakers due to its screen and it has the possibility of closing and opening the front camera to protect your privacy when you don’t use it.

4. Smart alarm clock Echo Spot

This product is similar to the previous one, but with a more compact design. The Echo Spot It is a circular accessory equipped with a small screen, microphone and camera that allows you to perform the same tasks as the Echo Show, but in another format.

It is an ideal accessory for any corner of the home, not just the nightstand. With a price of $ 129.99 you can take advantage of all the advantages of Alexa in your home by voice and also screen. Due to its design and screen, this device represents an improvement of Echo speakers for some customers in Amazon, but they also mention that it is quite expensive due to its size and some customers do not like the circular screen.

5. TV accessory Fire

With Fire tv stick you can transform any television into a smart tv and also control everything with Alexa. This accessory includes a remote control that allows you to control the television by voice through Alexa to see the different contents. There are several models of Fire tv with different characteristics, but the most outstanding is Fire TV Cube which includes managing your TV and other smart devices with your voice.

With a price of $ 39.99 this is the accessory Fire tv more basic but if you are looking for 4K playback and a speaker to control Alexa then you can have Fire TV Cube for $ 119.99. This is an ideal product to view content from streaming on your TV and also take advantage of Alexa to find what you are looking for faster.

6. Doorbell and security camera Ring

To add security to your home from the hand of Alexa, the Ring camera it is ideal. This product is equipped with a doorbell, which can activate the camera to see who is at your door through your TV, Echo Show or Echo Spot thanks to Alexa. Plus, it keeps your home safe while you’re away and sends motion detection alerts to your ph

This is the third best-selling product on the list and the first to merges security with Alexa. This product works very well with the accessories that we have detailed above and you can have it for a price of $ 99.99.

7. Smart plug Amazon

With this Plug you can transform any appliance into a smart With the amazon smart plug You can control everything in your home through Alexa. You can program the automatic on and off of lamps, air conditioners, fans, coffee machines and much more.

This is the cheaper product from the list, with a price of $ 24.99 and the possibility of improving any device you have in your home. With a compact and programmable design also from the Alexa application, this plug can adapt to your home routine very easily.

8. Brand smart light bulbs Lifx

Finally, we have these lifx smart bulbs that allow you to control your home lights from Alexa. These bulbs have a Wi-Fi connection, through which you can control the intensity and color of the lights, as well as program their on or off.

Currently with a 25% discount, these bulbs have a price of $ 44.99 the unit. Although it is an expensive product, it adds a lot of functionality and comfort to any environment, in addition to being able to personalize it with different colors. Customers also highlight the ease of installation and its power.