Any place could be your office, just make sure it doesn’t affect your productivity.

The surprise appearance of the coronavirus has changed the lives of many. The measure of staying at home is the most prudent and healthy way. This leads you to make changes and it is a process of adaptation, so that the home environment is a bearable one and flows when working.

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds you have the comfort, but you have to have a structure so that you can achieve your daily schedule.

The way you organize inside the house should be similar to your daily routine when you work outside the home. Here are some tips, so you don’t fall into crisis unnecessarily:

1. Wake up early: Get up during your regular work schedule, that will help you organize to fulfill your tasks for the day.

2. Breakfast: The first meal of the day is important to start with energy

3. Change clothes: You can wear comfortable clothes, put on makeup and get ready there, you send a clear message to your mind that it is time to work.

4. Create workspace: The work area should be comfortable, light and welcoming so that you are not distracted so that you cannot decrease your productivity.

5. Hours: Establish work hours that include lunch and recess. Let family members know that being at home is not on vacation. On the contrary, rules must be followed and must be respected to avoid distractions.

Also if you have a work routine you can take time for other activities such as exercising, reading, listening to music that will keep you inspired to continue your day.

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Remember you are working in your house cleaning or maintenance related to your home, your children’s chores and sharing with your partner is done in another time.

Try any one of them. Thanks.