It is an extra help for when you want to tone your body …

If you have a constant struggle to tone your body muscles, the MATEHOM electric stimulator It may be an option that will help you finally achieve it.

With its use, through current, it directly sends a signal to the muscles and promotes the movement necessary for it to tone up. All you have to do is adjust the pads to your body and allow them to exercise your muscles.

Make sure the body is clean before each use, it is recommended to use it after the bath, or in the morning before starting your day with regular activities. Includes a hydrogel for use up to 30 times, then you must replace them when you notice that the driving performance has decreased or that it is very worn.

East MATEHOM electric stimulator It can not only shape and tone your butt, but also the thighs and hips, and it can also reduce muscle pain, achieving a massage effect. This stimulator is to shape the body and strengthen muscles. It can help tone, tighten, firm the areas of the body that need it, and even burn fat for weight loss. It comes with 6 modes and 10 intensity speeds so you can use the one that suits you best.