Vaginal care at the menopause stage.

During menopause you should take special care of your vagina, as it can dry out and cause burning when you urinate and have sex. Dryness and vaginal infections are more prone during menopause. We give you these 3 products that will help you take care of your vaginal area and feel more comfortable free of irritations.

1. Using a hormone-free probiotic vaginal lubricant

It is important that during menopause you have a vaginal lubricant, but not one that is used to avoid pain in sexual relations, it must be one that Helps restore vaginal moisture. Vaginal dryness occurs during menopause due to an estrogen imbalance. This lubricant contains probiotics that will help you avoid alterations.

This vaginal lubricant it is free of glycerin, alcohol and hormones. You can apply it when you feel irritation, dryness, itching and discomfort. It is a very dense product, so with little product you can cover your intimate part.

2. Consuming blueberry probiotics to prevent infection

The consumption of probiotics must be essential in menopause, as it helps to prevent vaginal infections, as it helps the urinary tract to stay clean and free of infections. Probiotics too they help your digestive system a lot, Because good bacteria protect the immune and digestive system, it also prevents you from having gas, constipation and inflammation.

These probiotics have a blueberry extract that will help you stay free of urinary and vaginal infections. You only need to consume a probiotic daily to be protected.

3. Taking an estrogen supplement to regulate vaginal pH

Having low estrogen levels can cause the vagina to dry out, more dry skin, loss of libido, and hot flashes. In order to regulate estrogens this supplement can promote an improvement in menopause. Well even helps lose weight, regulate hormones and with this your vagina will not have an unbalanced pH.

This menopause supplement will also help you with hot flashes. If you are already consuming a supplement for regulate menopausal symptomsAsk your doctor if they can be combined.