A unique experience!

Virtual reality is a technology that has been around since the 70s, but that only in recent years was made available to the general public with different video games, experiences, videos, movies and more that you can access with your own virtual reality viewers. Thanks to virtual reality, you can create a technological environment that transports us through sight.

With virtual reality we can enter into a computerized stimulation, where we can interact with our movements. In these experiences, you can explore 360 ​​° degrees with complete freedom and an immersive feelingThat’s what differentiates virtual reality from just looking at a screen.

To enter these environments, you only need glasses that connect to a console, computer or cell phone; But you can also find adapters to use your cell phone as a virtual reality screen, if the model allows it. Usually, this visual experience is complemented by gloves, controls and speakers, which help create more realism in the experience.

In addition to being used in video games and videos, virtual reality also has other uses as in medicine, architecture, the military, the arts, education and entertainment of all kinds, using the virtual environment to explore different situations or propose new solutions to current problems.

Next, we show you 4 games for the virtual reality glasses on PlayStation that can give you totally new experiences.

1. Star Treck: Bridge Crew

With this video game of Star Treck: Bridge Crew you can transport yourself to the U.S.S. Aegis and live the best adventures. You can play this video game with or without virtual reality glasses, making it a versatile experience.

For his big 44% discount this video game has priced under $ 30 on Amazon. Customers mention that this game offers an excellent virtual reality experience, which can be used in on-line or also connect with other friends, to have a very realistic group experience.

2. VR Worlds

In VR Worlds You can immerse yourself in the criminal world of London and experience all kinds of extreme situations. In this game you can also participate in shootouts, high-speed chases, explore the underwater world and come into contact with aliens.

With more than 200 reviews on Amazon, this is the guide’s best-selling virtual reality video game and it’s also the cheapest, with less than $ 20. Customers mention that this is a very entertaining game to enjoy the virtual reality experience, perfect for exploring different scenarios.

3. Eagle Flights

With Eagle Flight You will transform into an eagle to fly over the skies of Paris. In addition, you can create teams of up to 6 people to complete different missions.

This video game has less than $ 40, and has a good valuation in Amazon. Customers highlight this game which is perfect for a multiplayer mode, and which provides an amazing flying experience.

4. DriveClub

In DriveClub, you can enjoy high speed racing with the virtual reality experience. With this game, you can drive the best cars on the market at high speed.

With 4.4 stars, this is the best rated video game in the guide and more than 100 reviews in Amazon. Customers mention that this is one of the best racing games, with very realistic visuals.