Enjoy nights of sleep and deep rest thanks to this sound.

Our daily life and routine are often full of excessive obligations that demand great effort from us. This is why the stress and anxiety they have become very common issues and most of the adult population has become more vulnerable to suffering from this problem. This occurs because many of us find it difficult to give ourselves a little respite from the many daily problems that we must face on a daily basis, such as long working hours, evaluations, pending emails to be answered, paying some debt, etc.

Rest it is something that we should not ignore. It is a super important moment that if we do not manage to obtain it, our body will begin to suffer from serious problems that completely affect health. We also experience annoying symptoms such as psychological imbalances, difficulty concentrating, increased blood pressure, lack of motivation, digestive and nervous system abnormalities, and muscle tension. Each of these factors causes that our lifestyle is completely interrupted, until causing future consequences.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when we have many things to do, and we overlook having a moment for ourselves where we can relax and breathe deeply. There are different techniques that over time help us distract ourselves, since it is vital to have a organized routine that allows us to enjoy a rest that can support our body to breathe to replenish energy and achieve optimal performance in each task assigned to us.

A good way to relax even when we find it difficult to disconnect from our surroundings is to listen. relaxing sounds like the known white noises. These are constant and repetitive sounds found in the environment characterized by the fact that none of their frequencies vary, that is, all the sounds heard have the same power and loudness that masks other sounds. We can find them daily in our daily lives, such as the sound emitted by the air conditioning, the fan, the washing machine, the rain, a married woman or the waves of the sea. Experts say it is the same sound babies hear when they are in their mother’s womb.

If it is practiced frequently and for a long time, our ear adapts easily. It offers us multiple benefits, because we create a calm and harmonious environment that helps improve concentration. Furthermore, your mind completely lowers stress and anxiety levels, replacing thoughts that may disturb you during the day. Also if you suffer from insomnia problems or another sleep disorder, the White noise It can help us relax to fall asleep at night. Because listening to white noise has multiple benefits and advantages, applications that reproduce white noise have already been developed; But, it is not the best way to listen because the frequency signals are very low and can even disturb our resting moment.

However, there are machines designed to emit this sound that can be a good option to enjoy a better experience. They are very practical and versatile devices with a long-lasting battery, perfect to get the most out of it and always accompany you.

Take a look at the options below and choose the best one for you:

1. Douni: machine with 24 different sounds

Douni is a machine that has been created with an aesthetic wood grain finish designed to match the decoration of different rooms. It emits up to 24 different sounds, among which we can find sounds from nature and those emitted by household appliances. Have a compact size and light weight It will not take up much space if you want me to always accompany you on your trips.

Among its main characteristics stands out power adjust volume intensity and being able to make sounds that will fill your entire room. It also has a timer that you can set to automatically turn off while you sleep so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your rest hours.

Ideal to help calm our thoughts and fall asleep without making any effort. You will wake up the next day full of energy and in the best of spirits.

2. Machine with timer off

If you are looking for a breeding machine with a good price-quality ratio, this may be a good option. It has an automatic shutdown timer and a control panel is easy to use that allows you to choose what sound you want to hear, you can choose between white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and stream.

It is perfect if you have young children at home, as it will help your room fill with harmony and so you can fall asleep naturally. Its sounds will be the best lullaby you can give it. They will make your nights more relaxed and calm.

3. Player with port for your headphones

This is a silver and white colored machine that has a very compact design with a control panel located at the top under your speakers that emits 8 different sounds. Allows you to choose volume intensity that you prefer. You can use it connected to a USB charger or wirelessly with AA batteries.

You can connect your headphones to listen to the white sound exclusive to your ears without having to disturb any You can take it to your office or in your car. It will help your concentration and creativity.

4. Player with fetal tone, ideal for babies

It has 21 relaxing sounds among which we get 7 white noises, 7 fan sounds, 7 relaxing sounds like birds, ocean waves, lullaby, blowing and fetal t Its automatic shutdown timer allows you to use it while you sleep and you can also adjust your volume intelligently.

It is perfect to use if we are parents of newborn babies and want them to sleep through the night. With this device you can go creating a sleep habit.

5. White noise machine with led light

This white noise player features an easy-to-use control panel and allows you to customize the sound, volume level, sleep timer, and play mode. You can also save your last configuration for when you use it again you don’t need to make much effort.

It stands out for disguising noises that can disturb your rest or concentration. It has a led light to glow in the dark, ideal for the smallest room in the house.