Do you want to go out to dinner and don’t know where to go? Yelp can help you find the best restaurants.

Yelp aims to “connect people to great little businesses.” With this in mind, Yelp It is a website that allows customers to write reviews and rate the businesses they visit.

So before visiting a business or receiving a service you can visit the website or application of Yelp so you know the opinions of other people and how they rate the service. On Yelp you can find reviews of restaurants, hairdressers, car dealers and even construction businesses.

To get the most out of this platform, you can subscribe and complete your user profile. Since, in this way you can have access to all the tools that Yelp offers to find excellent restaurants and businesses, according to your preferences.

You can even get in touch with other people to fully know the experience they have had. In addition, by subscribing to the page you can also make reviews of the businesses you visit. Furthermore, Yelp has an application that is available for iOS Y Android. With the application you can explore the area where you are with great ease using the interactive map to find the best businesses.

In the same way, the application allows you to search by proximity or by keywords, so that you can find excellent restaurants or services that meet your expectations.