They are the symbols that transmit the energy you need …

The zodiac signs have their origin in astrology, and symbolize the influence of the stars on people based on their date of birth. Each sign represents a series of qualities and characteristics associated with the personality of each individual.

Amulets work as symbols that bring us good luck and good vibes in all aspects of our lives. For each sign there is a great variety of amulets that symbolize each of the things that we want to attract to our life. Find your sign below and discover which is the ideal amulet for you.

1. Aquarium – Amulet with birch leaf:

East nice birch leaf amulet It helps attract abundance of auspices, prosperity, and good luck in communicating with others.

Aquarius, your ideal amulet is a Birch leaf that energetically cleanses your interior and repels bad energy. Also, I think it is time for you to stop that pessimism, the Birch leaf will help you see that the past has already passed with its successes and failures, and the future is huge and with nothing to lose.

2. Pisces Bracelet with a sun charm:

Gold and silver bracelet. Includes small charms and a radiant circular sun with a silver border.

For Pisces, the ideal amulet is a sun charm in bronze, gold or platinum, because with these colors and this shape you will radiate positive energy to go through all the difficult situations that come your way. Pisces, I know you don’t like it but remember that difficult situations will always be there.

3. AriesFrog symbol:

Frog statue sitting on cauliflower painted by hand. Its dimensions are 5.31 ″ * 4.92 ″ * 9.45 ″. For indoor and outdoor use, you can create an environment full of fantasy and magic.

The frog is a chinese lucky charm since it gives prosperity and helps success in the economic field. I know Aries, you like stability and you are very clear that we are in the age where money is the new law.

4. Taurus – Half moon piece:

This crescent-shaped pendant shines with the polished finish of white CZ stones. The necklace is made of sterling silver. The delicate yet durable adjustable link chain measures 18 inches in length and closes with a snap ring type closure for added security.

Taurus, you ideal amulet is a crescent charm of amber, copper, bronze, gold or platinum as it highlights and protects your inner strength, giving you balance with every step you take. Exactly, we all know that stability is the essence of your sign.

5. Gemini – Amber stones:

This handmade with amber gemstones carefully assembled. The more interaction points Baltic amber has with the person’s skin, the greater the expected effect. Each set of amber beads has its own natural power. Therefore, people who use it often get a combination to better safeguard the harmony of their loved ones.

For Gemini the stones connect with nature and its inner being, and amber has been used since ancient times as a sacred and healing stone; It has many properties for the body and the mind, especially the double mind of our Gemini.

6. CancerKey shaped necklace:

The product is made of gold and braided brass. It is a key necklace with a crown in the center and the meaning is “Joy”. In Hebrew, it is pronounced “Simcha”. Size is 45 cm / 17.7 “by 3 cm / 1” long.

Try to carry a metal, aluminum, silver or gold key hanging on your chest, so Aries can attract abundance and help you open the doors of success. Your sign seeks success and the key opens your doors.

7. Leo – The Chinese dragon snake:

The Chinese dragon statue is sculpted from resin, of the highest quality, with beautiful silver finishes. Plus, it’s the optimal size to display on a shelf or table.

The Chinese Feng Shui snake is your ideal amulet that provides you with fortune and protection in all areas of your life. Also, having a Chinese dragon statue imposes on your home a symbol of power, nobility, and luck.

8. Virgo: Turkish eye amulet:

The charm of fighting the evil eye is achieved with this unisex Turkish eye amulet, in the colors red, white or blue. Also, it comes with a 19 link silver chain” But also, it comes with a simple string.

Virgo, take with you a Turkish eye or a fish eye that protects from everything negative and it helps you to move forward successfully, without “evil eye” and with open paths in everything you do.

9. PoundAmethyst stone pendulum:

A pendulum is an easy-to-use tool that can be used for divination and dowsing. It aids communication between the subconscious mind and the force fields around an object. It can be used to answer yes or no questions, to determine allergies and to facilitate decision making. Rose Quartz symbolizes loving action. It has a relaxing energy that helps attract positive, caring love into our lives. These crystals They are handmade in Brazil and are mainly loaded by a Reiki Master. Each stone is unique and the colors may vary. These are natural crystals that are approximately 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long with a 5 5/8 inch chain attached.

Always carry an amethyst stone pyramid charm with you, as it ensures good energy to boost your economy. Furthermore, it is a physical representative of the Violet Ray of Alchemy and transformation that mutates the hidden energies of your body and mind into positive energies.

10. Scorpio – Gold garment:

This bracelet is imported from Italy. with yellow gold links 18kt create an iconic bismark pattern with a shiny polished finish. 1/4 “wide size, and lobster clasp.

If a Scorpio wants luck to accompany him, then he must carry with him a piece of authentic gold jewelry. Not only for its metallic properties and beauty: gold symbolizes pacts and agreements, loves that are consumed and trips that come to fruition.

11. Sagittarius – Amulet with bay leaf:

It is made of glass stone, a hanging bay leaf and a decorative tassel made of green cotton thread. As an amulet, it has a beautiful little handmade bay leaf, with a lobster clasp.

Always carry a laurel leaf charm with you as will bring balance and tranquility to your hectic and messy life. Sagittarius, avoid the volatile and bring calm to your inner flame, life is more beautiful seeing it little by little, without running.

12. Capricorn – Sapphire stone bracelet:

Sapphire has always symbolized truth, sincerity, and fidelity. This bracelet is made of silver, sapphire blue pearls and 925 white pearls. In addition to being made with an adjustable sterling chain, it has a composition that makes this bracelet extremely resistant.

This stone is the one that most closely resembles the deep waters of the sea. The sign of Capricorn is above all a sign whose ruling element is water, that is why the sapphire is ideal for you to attract good luck and happiness.