Products that can make a difference in an emergency.

A first aid kit it is a tool that allows us to guarantee some health and safety measures, both for our relatives and those close to us; since it is the way in which we can be prepared to give primary attention and respond to any accident It can happen in our house, our work or anywhere we are.

During our day to day we are full of unforeseen events; therefore, we must be prepared before any emergency, and it is always good to have on hand and to have a first aid kit. Whether in the office, at work, or in our own home, accidents can happen where we need to care for the affected people or ourselves.

There are many medications that we can have in our medicine cabinet, everything will depend on the needs according to the situation that presents itself. The excellent thing of all, is that a first-aid kit can be so versatile and adapt without problems, either for a weekend in nature or simply for day-to-day work in our places of work.

The basic products that we must have in our first aid kit we can find them very easily. Among them we must include physiological serum to clean wounds, sterile gauze pads of various sizes, antiseptic solution for wounds, bandages and surgical tape, cotton, disposable gloves, scissors, band-aids, thermometer, ointments and some medications in general.

In order to store all these products, we need a container that is large enough and has a lot of space, but is also comfortable to transport. Finally, it must be made with a strong, durable and resistant material. Here we recommend some kits first aid available.

1. First aid box 100 pieces

Its fully organized interior compartments give you a quick access. Its robust, high-density plastic case is impact resistant. It is portable and can easily fit anywhere.

This kit complies with United States FDA regulatory standards as a medical device. Ideal for most companies and perfect for family use at home or on trips.

2. First Aid Kit specialized


It has two separate layers first aid kit, for large and small first aid products. Its tilting shelves are designed for easy access and reloading.

Contains 326 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products. Exceeds safety standards for emergency first aid, to adults and children.

3. Portable first aid kit first AIDS

Durable, strong and built to last, it is made of 600D polyester. It is compact, lightweight and portable, and comes with 100 essential life-saving items.

Its straps are MOLLE compatible, allowing you to use it on other bags or on your belt. The bag is waterproof, all interior items are protected from water in laminated, durable bags with zippers.