A piece that will give you a flat and sexy abdomen.

The girdles They are compression intimates that have been designed to fit and shape certain areas of the body, their daily use helps to sharpen and better define the silhouette. They are a perfect piece for women who like to wear tight clothing, as its design eliminates excess fat or lumps.

A good example of this is the girdles ABSThese are designed to provide support and compression to the entire middle area of ​​the body. These can also be perfect for the recovery process after a surgery in the spine or abdominal organs because it is responsible for helping the healing of the skin and muscles.

They can even be used to sleep and just remove it for bath time. In this sense it is always preferable that its time of use is indicated by a specialist. On the other hand, in the case of women with obesity or who are in the process of losing weight, these garments also help burn fat and to slim down an area as complicated as the abdomen.

After the Cosmetic surgeries, the girdles are used above all to compress the excess skin after the person reaches his ideal weight. Sometimes it is also convenient to use them during training routines, since in addition to compressing the abdomen they are responsible for stabilizing the back and facilitate weight lifting.

Finally, depending on the material with which the abdominal belts have been made are responsible for increasing the heat in the belly area, this helps burn fat and contributes to the weight loss process. Thus, we can find different materials, types and styles of girdles, and below we show you some options of girdles for the control of the abdomen.

1. Shorts of training


It is a breathable and comfortable to wear garment since it is made of an excellent quality material with elastic properties. It is designed to provide support for in the middle section.

Her crotch is cotton, this makes her much more comfortable and healthy to wear all day. It is ideal to flatten your belly, define your waist and reduce the stomach with its moderate compression.

2. Panties Withouth stitches


It is a girdle designed with a high waist and a high quality elastic tape, on its sides it has two bones Robustly constructed to prevent it from bending and losing its shape.

It is a completely breathable, soft and comfortable garment. Provides you with a tight compression that molds both your waist and abdomen to give you a sexier body.

3. Shaping girdle high waist


This is a compression garment designed with high waist, especially to provide strong compression in the middle of the body. Its design focuses more on shaping the abdomen, waist and belly.

It is a garment that you can use daily and under any of your garments. Its shape helps you flatten, sharpen and define your silhouette to make you look much slimmer.

4. Underpants for women


It has been designed with cooling technology which helps you always stay cool and comfortable. The opening in the legs does not pinch to provide total freedom of movement.

Its high and soft waist prevents it from rolling up. It is an option that you can use in your day to day, as it gives you firm control over the zone abdomen, belly, waist and even your back.