The girdles They are compression underwear much more common and used than we imagined. In addition to being designed to support some areas of our body and adjust others, they allow us to show off a more defined and stylized silhouette; so our clothing will fit better, increasing our confidence and self-esteem.

These garments have not only been created to disguise the rolls or hide the belly, there is the ideal girdle for each type of clothing that we are going to use. Thus, we find the girdles body typeCovering from the bust line to the hip, they help you to have an hourglass-like silhouette and to conceal the side rolls. They are ideal to use with dresses.

On the other hand we have the girdles boxer type, one of the most common and is used to control the abdomen, mark the waist and the buttocks. You can also use it with dresses or with very tight blouses. The short girdles are designed to sharpen your thighs, they are ideal to use with very tight dresses and tight pants.

The waist or corset type their function is to define or mark your waist. You can wear them with strapless dresses, asymmetrical cuts or V-necklines. shirt type They frame your waist, enhance your bust and define your abdomen, you can use them with tight dresses and blouses. If you want to have a sash model for each item of clothing in your wardrobe, here we show you the best options:

1. Salome: Girdle for Shorts


It is made with Powernet which is a material of high compression and lined with hypoallergenic cotton fabric. This girdle is ideal for naturally shaping your hips and glutes.

Also refine your thighs and shape your hips. Being a imperceptible garment you can use it with total peace of mind under your tight clothes, skirts, dresses and even shorts.

2. ShapEager: Girdle for Pants

Made with a mixture of polyamide, lycra and elastane, this full body girdle provides you thermal lift buttocks, control and shape of abdomen, hips and thighs.

It offers you a great modeling power stays soft under pants and cool no matter what the season. In addition to being a compression garment, also take care of your skin.

3. ShapEager: Girdle for Neckline


It is a tank top for thermal compression that improves the shape of your bust, waist and abdomen. It is made with polyamide, elastane, latex and an internal cotton lining.

This cotton top gives you a excellent coverage and support, the straps are made of microfiber for your comfort and since it is not perceived under the clothes it will be your little secret.

4. Laty Rose: Girdle for Dress


Made with nylon and spandex, this shape of high waist It will soften your abdomen and slim your waist, hips, and thighs while keeping your butt and abdomen under control.

This undergarment is will fit perfectly to your body and it will make you look perfect for hours each day. You will sport a fabulous silhouette under your favorite dress or skirt at all times.