Keep security in your house always active.

Know where to place a spy cam it is essential so that no one detects it. This type of cameras have been created with the purpose of registering people or situations without them knowing that they are being recorded; therefore it is necessary to locate them in a place that is discreet. Taking these aspects into consideration, we must also know that there are types of cameras suitable for different situations and with specific characteristics.

Depending on the use that we want to give to these cameras, their location and the type of camera to be used must have specific characteristics, thus, the place where to install a spy camera at home will depend on the use you want to give it. We can use them to detect infidelity, to control our children when we are not at home or simply to know who and when they enter our home.

In this sense, the options are very wide. This type of cameras They are not necessarily so small, although there are also some micro cameras that can be placed in everyday objects so that they are not detected. For example, we can place them on coat racks, alarm clocks or smoke detectors without them being perceived.

On the other hand, we can find high autonomy cameras, there are even some models that you only have to connect to an outlet and do not need any type of battery, which would make the task of location much easier. It is essential to place the camera at strategic points, so that the image and sound quality do not lose sharpness or clarity.

Finally, an excellent option is to get a spy cam that transmits in real time, so you can access the images through your smartph In this case, you must locate them near the router or computer that manages the connection or find a camera with a Wi-Fi connection. In the market there are a large number of models available, here are some options for you.

1. Tusojo: Hidden camera in charger


This device looks like a phone charger normal, but it has a hidden high definition camera, which can upload and record video at the same time. It combines HD resolution and a wide angle lens.

The camera wifi security It is compatible with the remote control and you can have the view in real time through your ph It does not need installation, you just have to place it in the outlet of your choice.

2. Cam Mall: Camera Wireless Security

This is a super mini hidden camera hd, really small and suitable for any need and place. Supports real-time video recording and charging at the same time.

The wireless camera will take recording images or snapshots when it captures any movement and you will receive an alarm message on your smart device in real time.

3. DareTang: Camera Spy on Clock

It is a mini camera in a alarm clock regular. It has a motion detection alarm function. Notifications will be transferred to your smartphone when motion detection is activated.

This camera offers you night vision, you can see and record in the dark through infrared lights. These special lights are totally invisible to the human eye, so no one will perceive when activated.