Look smooth and rejuvenated with these masks.

Follow a routine care and cleaning of our skin, is undoubtedly one of the fundamental tasks that we must take care of. Being the largest organ in our body and the one that is most exposed to environmental factors, it needs special attention. Thus the skin our face deserves special care and attention so that it can look fresh, healthy and fresh.

In addition to the cleaning, hydration and sun protection products that we include in our daily beauty routine, it is important to incorporate, eventually, special masks that are responsible for deep cleaning, nourishing and renewing the delicate skin of our face, regardless of the type of skin we have.

Before applying a mask you must prepare your skin. First of all it is necessary to clean your face to remove surface dirt and all traces of makeup. Once the skin is completely clean, you proceed to apply the product and leave the mask to act on your skin, always following the directions on the product.

It is generally advisable to let the face masks on our skin for about 15 minutes. It is important that we apply the product evenly with the fingertips, making circular movements and avoiding the eye contour, since this skin is much more sensitive and it is not recommended to use masks in these areas because it can generate irritations.

Being the face masks Treatments that work more deeply and effectively on the skin, are responsible for removing impurities and dead skin, deeply hydrate and renew your skin to give it a healthy, shiny and smooth appearance. We can find a variety of options available, specifically formulated for each type of skin, such as those shown below.

1. Mask Removable Cleaner


It is a cleansing mask removable, formulated with cucumber. It is designed to leave the skin on your face clean and fresh. Its formula allows it to be used on any type of skin.

After washing your face very well, you put a fine and uniform layer this mask on your face, let it act for about 15 minutes and then remove it along with all the dirt on your skin.

2. Mask Dead Sea Mud


This mask has a formula that expertly mixes natural salts and activated carbon with betonite clay to detoxify your skin, creating a soft and flexible complexion.

Its neutralizing formula repairs and maintains the health of all skin types. It is capable of excellently controlling oily skin and moisturizing dry skin, being extraordinary for all skin types.

3. Mask Facial cleanser


It is a mask with mud from the Dead Sea with a formula 100% natural to guarantee the highest quality of the product. It has a high concentration of salts and minerals for the restoration of the skin.

Excellent for your facial care, it allows you to deep clean your pores, at the same time as detoxifies and purifies your skin. In addition to removing all impurities, it improves the touch and appearance of your face.