A tool that should not be missing in your home.

A multifunctional printer It is an extremely useful electronic device not only for offices, but also in our homes. With them we can transfer to paper from documents important, books, photographs and everything we need to have physically. Also, they allow us to digitize all kinds of writing to always have a digital backing.

There are different designs which vary according to your specifications, functions and even the cost of them. This time we specially reviewed two printers to help you decide which one best suits your requirements. First of all we have the HP Officejet Pro 7740, a very versatile device that is equipped with the well-known HP inkjet system. This tool allows you to do impressions, make copies, scan, fax documents, choose the color of the touch screen, automatically feed documents and much more. Additionally, it has a system that allows you to print material stored in smartphone or tablet without having to be directly connected or use an Internet connection, all thanks to its free application.

We also found the printer Workforce WF-7710This allows you to get better performance than laser printers in your own home. It has the ability to print borderless up to 13 ″ x 19 ″, it is also very economical and uses 80% less energy than color laser printers. It also allows you easier and versatile handling of prints thanks to its multiple trays.

Both printers have the ability to give you many more alternatives when it comes to printing and digitize documents. Today we need much more than just being able to put ideas on paper and these devices are equipped with a series of functions that make it easier to physically have all the documents you need. If you still can’t decide which is the best or the most convenient to have at home, we show you both again but now with more detail.

1. HP Officejet Pro 7740


A next-generation device that can create incredible formats, with impressions in full color and in different sizes at a lower cost than a laser printer. Thus each image or text will have bright colors that have the same quality as a laser print.

Its design gives you a comfortable feeding system for the role. It is an excellent option that allows you to print, scan, copy and send documents via fax in a single device and with a wide range of possibilities.

2. EPSON Workforce WF-7710


It is an inkjet printer that has the ability to produce quality documents completely free of edges. It also has a system that allows you to produce large format document scans at excellent resolution.

Includes the option that allows you to select prints in the two faces of paper as well as copy, scan and fax documents. Its tactile display makes it much easier to navigate and set the printing parameters of each document.