A tool that should never be missing in your car.

A battery starter Portable is a device that connects to your car’s battery by means of clamps, so that it can provide you with a sufficient electrical charge to put the battery to work. When you have this device you have the possibility to solve any situation of emergency to be present during your road trips.

There are different starter options available, but this time we will focus on two tools very practical that can be of great help during any emergency. First of all we have the DBPOWER 2000A, which is a compact but powerful peak output jump starter that is equipped with a 2000 A motor and is compatible with most vehicles.

It has high-speed charging ports, in addition to two normal charging ports. This portable starter is also equipped with an output Smart usb providing the fastest charging speed for any electronic device.

On the other hand we have the Noco Boost Sport, with a compact but powerful lithium battery design that has 2000 amps of power. It has been designed with technology it does not cause sparks and with reverse polarity protection, that is, it provides the energy of 40 starts with a single charge. Additionally, you can use it to charge any other devices laptops with loads around 12V such as tire pumps, inverters, lights and more.

Finally, both portable starters are a good and convenient option as they both have a compact size and enough power to solve any inconvenience or emergency situation. So, if you still haven’t decided which is the best option, we show you both again in more detail.

1. DBPOWER 2000A

It is a starter with a design that gives you maximum safety with each use. It has protection clamps intelligent and an LED screen where they show the status of the charge. It is made with materials that prevent overloads, short circuits and more.

Includes a LED Flashlight 3-in-1 multifunctional integrated, with three lighting modes that give you the possibility of using it during emergencies that occur at night or in areas of poor visibility.

2. Noco Boost Sport

This portable starter is designed to work with gas engines up to 2.11 gallons or diesel engines up to 1.58 gallons. Features an ultra-bright LED flashlight that features 7 modes of light.

It also allows you to recharge your personal devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches and more. Its compact size allows you to carry it comfortably with you in the glove compartment of your car.