The floor of your house is one of the surfaces that require the most care.

Our home It is that place where we share special moments with our family and our loved ones. Keeping the environment pleasant and also impeccable should not become an impossible task; and that is why this time we show you the best products for floor cleaning that will give your home a look and aroma that will captivate every

1. Cleaning mop with juicer bucket


The mop head moves 360 degrees and cleans easily anywhere in your home. Clean up the tight spots you can never or hardly reach, such as behind the refrigerator or some walls.

It is a wise choice to use this spinning mop, since it allows you to save time and effort. Its water bucket with built-in spin gives you powerful cleaning performance and removes excess water.

2. Cleaning System For Hard Floors

his smart control 3-Setting Steam Loader lets you customize the amount of steam for each cleaning task. Includes spray mop, spray bottle with cleaning solution and clip, water fill flask.

Cleans and disinfects Sealed hard floors with washable double-sided Dirt Grip pads, and it features contactless technology that never touches a dirty pad again.

3. Floor cleaner Cuban style


These traditional mops Cuban style are made of wood with plastic thread and handle. Includes two premium mops made of 100% cotton 25 ″ x 25 ″ to clean your floors.

It is the traditional way and more easy to clean your floors. It has been used for generations for household cleaning. They are lightweight and their cotton mops take care of your floors.

4. Cleaner Professional Microfiber

Cleans better than cotton mops, they attract more dirt and debris than any other mop system. his strong adjustable handle allows you not to bend over and take care of your back.

Is he best cleaner for the care and cleaning of your floors. Its system allows you to cover different cleaning uses. You can use it on tile, vinyl, stone and concrete.

5. Genuine Joe: Mop Wringing Bucket


The higher backrest reduces tension for comfortable twisting, the lower front allows you to easier placement from mops, to avoid stress on your back.

his soft construction easily cleaned to maintain sanitary use. Wheels leave no marks and glide smoothly across floors for effortless mobility.