Hot flashes in menopause are one of the main symptoms, some women feel them more than others and the duration of them are different. The estrogen imbalance is one of the main reason why the heats become worse at menopause. Below we recommend 2 pills that can relieve menopausal hot flashes.

To avoid having more hot flashes, avoid consuming caffeine and alcoholic beverages, as this causes an increase in body temperature, choose to wear cool clothes and most importantly do not neglect your skin, because with so many changes, it can dry out.

1. Relizen: herbal menopausal hot flashes

Night sweats at menopause are a nuisance, as sleeping can be impossible to have a complete sleep cycle. These menopause hot pills are made from plants, which balance your body temperature, keeping it cool and dry at all times. Also, by calming hot flashes, you can reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and avoid irritability.

Of 417 women who have used this medicine for hot flashes at menopause, in 75% of them have experienced less hot flashes and heat when sleeping and the best thing is that they are not as intense. It is recommended to consume at least 3 months of treatment.

2. Happy Healthy Hippie: menopause hot pills that balances hormones with natural ingredients

Hot flashes are caused by hormonal imbalance, there are plants that can help these hormones to control and balance hot flashes, hot flashes, pain and insomnia. Its main ingredients are chasteberry, black cohosh, maca and dong quai. What they do together is are an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and activate serotonin levels in the brain, relieve pain and balance hormones.

It is a product with 60 pills for the heats, which will serve you for 2 months, but normally to see improvements faster, the ideal is to consume it for at least 3 months. Several women on this menopause heat pills They have given 83% satisfaction.

3. Ultima Replenisher: a drink with electrolytes so you don’t get dehydrated with hot flashes and heat

It is important that with hot flashes you do not lose sight of your skin or your body, as it may make you dehydrated more easily. This is one electrolyte hydrating drink It does not have sugar or calories, but it has minerals that will help your body feel fresh and more hydrated. It does not have caffeine so if you feel dehydrated at night it is a good time to consume it.

You can have a bottle of water mixed with this electrolyte drink. At night you will see how you feel relieved. It is important that you stay hydrated When you have hot flashes, it prevents you from feeling weak or fatigued.