Find out what dandruff does in your hair.

Dandruff and hair loss are undoubtedly 2 ills, which can happen to women and men. Have you ever thought that dandruff and hair loss are related? Well unfortunately they do. If you start to see dandruff beginnings, the ideal is to try to eliminate dandruff in your hair. Because dandruff can make your hair fall out and how to fix it?

What dandruff does is that it damages the scalp and hair. Well what happens is that it thins the hair, and makes the hair strands weak; One of the reasons is for irritation and scratching. With this the hair can become brittle and with this it can fall out. It does not mean that if you have dandruff, you will go bald, but that it can weaken your hair and make you lose hair, but more than normal.

If you have moderate to mild dandruff in your hair, the best way is to fix it with a shampoo. This helps prevent hair become thin, break, and fall easily.

1. DERMA-E: removes the dirt caused by dandruff

This shampoo is ideal if your hair is very oily and you already have time with dandruff in your hair. It has a blend of herbs like tea tree and menthol that helps eliminate dandruff, excess fat on the scalp and cleans it thoroughly thanks to salicylic acid. It is perfect to use if you have dyed hair.

Some clients have felt relief on their scalp after use. Its price is excellent and it has 4.1 stars.

2. Wild Naturals: high concentration of ingredients to eliminate dandruff in the hair

This shampoo to fight dandruff contains manuka honey, aloe vera and cehami that are natural ingredients to eliminate irritation, itching and bacteria that are unbalancing the pH of your scalp. With its frequent use you can see how your scalp it is cleaner and dry.

The concentration of this shampoo is high, to end dandruff and prevent hair loss. This is a set of shampoo and conditioner. Remember to apply little product and always remove it completely from the hair. If it feels very heavy, you can alter it with the use of another shampoo.

3. Kick: strengthens hair follicles to prevent hair loss

One of the safest ways to get rid of dandruff is a shampoo. This is for men and women, as it contains 11 herbal essences andAmong them tea tree oil and rosemary. In addition to eliminating dandruff and cleaning thoroughly, it prevents hair loss as it makes it stronger, more resistant and strengthens hair follicles.

This dandruff shampoo does not leave you feeling heavy and you will feel your hair very clean. Although its cost is more than $ 20 dollars has an 83% satisfaction. Eliminates dandruff and prevent hair loss.