The wounds that usually come out in our mouth, such as the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, the soft palate or the base of the gums are known as Cold sores. They are about sores open oval or round shaped, generally white with redness around. They can come out individually or in several groups, affecting our lives because they are very painful.

There are different types of sores, from minor injuries to injuries that become chronic or acute. The causes of its appearance are usually unknown, sometimes they are usually associated with immune reactions against common bacteria in the oral flora. Another cause could also be a viral infection.

Also, they usually appear due to trauma, when we receive a blow or bite the inside of our mouth. Orthodontics and dentures can also cause this type of injury due to constant friction. On the other hand, stomatitis, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, allergies and even genetic predisposition can lead to the appearance of sores.

Thus, the sores In our mouth they are not serious injuries, but they are very annoying because they cause pain when eating, drinking and even when talking. It is easy to detect them by their shape and color, they generally start with a burning or tingling sensation, and then the red lump appears and finally turns into a painful open wound inside our mouth.

Generally these sores heal on their own; however, it is important to accelerate its healing process, take care of the type of food we consume since citrus fruits and condiments tend to aggravate them; apply topical pain relievers or anti-inflammatories and above all maintain rigorous oral dental hygiene. There are a number of products that help fight sores and prevent their appearance, here are some of them.

1. Pendant: Mouthwash


Helps you clean and promote healing minor oral irritations. The oxygenating action of peroxyl helps to eliminate oral residues to facilitate the healing of sores, irritations and burns in the mouth.

Too relieves inflammation gums from dental procedures, dentures and orthodontic appliances. It is a great tasting formula and does not contain alcohol.

2. SoreNoMore: Hot Therapy


Is a natural formula which is designed to relieve chronic pain. You just have to put a little of this gel on the sores in your mouth using a cotton ball or your clean hands.

The feeling of hot wax in addition to relieving pain, has a calming effect and numbing over the sores in your mouth. You should only wash your mouth very well and apply it to the affected part.

3. Cold Sores Be Gone: Treatment of Herpes labialis

It is a lipstick formulated based on natural herbs to relieve sores and herpes in the mouth. This application, in addition to relieving, helps to decrease the severity and duration of wounds.

You should simply place a small amount with the same bar on the affected area after cleaning it. Their natural ingredients they are safe to be used also by children.