What are digestive enzymes for? Its main function is to improve digestion, so that your body absorbs nutrients. Although these are not only its benefits. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are very different, but they work together. If you want to avoid having so many gases, take care of the intestinal flora know these products with digestive enzymes that will help your stomach a lot.

1. MAV NUTRITION: without enough digestive enzymes you can be very inflamed and full of gases

If it has happened to you that you are gassy and inflamed and did not eat anything that really inflamed you, you may need digestive enzymes. What it does is that it can improve the digestion of the food you eat, so that it can metabolize better and thus not suffer inflammation or gases.

These digestive enzymes and probiotics can improve your digestion and even more so when you are close to your menstrual period or you know that you will eat something that does not suit your body very well. A daily digestive enzyme capsule will be necessary.

2. . Zenwise Health: strengthens the intestinal flora preventing diseases

Another benefit of digestive enzymes is that it purifies the intestinal flora. The fact that an intestinal flower is in excellent condition can prevent gastritis, colitis and even prevent urinary tract diseases. Well, all there is is good bacteria.

Digestive enzymes can work in conjunction with probiotics, but they are not the same. This supplement has digestive enzymes and probiotics. Ideal to consume in times of high stress or after taking antibiotics, to strengthen the intestinal flora.

3. Rainbow light: digestive enzymes prevents heartburn, nausea and even better digest dairy

If you occasionally have problems with digesting dairy, digestive enzymes improve your digestion. Not only from dairy but from any other food. Enzymes improve digestion and with that it can prevent heartburn, because it is like a filter in your stomach to prevent that heartburn.

This supplement has digestive enzymes, but does not have probiotics. You only need to consume one tablet daily, choose to take it in the morning so that throughout the day your digestion improves and you do not have gases, retain liquids or are inflamed.