A natural product to calm some symptoms of menopause.

Evening primrose oil comes from a seed with the same name. It is used in menopause because helps reduce hot flashes, hot flashes, Regulates the lack of hormones and prevents you from retaining liquids, feeling inflamed and heavy. Evening primrose oil, available through capsules, is perfect if you start to feel the symptoms of menopause.

It can also help you reduce cholesterol levels, regulate essential fatty acids in your body and can prevent arthritis or osteoarthritis. Meet 3 capsules that will help you a lot in menopause.

1. Sports Research: no hot flashes or hot flashes

These evening primrose oil capsules will help your body find a balance. It regulates hormones, for their fatty acids that help progesterones, estrogens and prolactin. Hot flashes and hot flashes they will calm down considerably, like night sweats.

You can sleep for more hours without any discomfort. This packaging contains 120 capsules, it is recommended to consume one capsule daily. It has more than 3000 sales.

2. Spring valley: natural diuretic to lose weight and keep cholesterol in balance

If you retain liquids or feel very inflamed, evening primrose oil helps you eliminate the liquids you are retaining. It is a natural and effective diuretic, many women in menopause use it to lose weight. Being a diuretic helps you to keep your cholesterol levels in balance and have no changes.

This package consists of 2 packages with 75 capsules each. It will last you for several months, since it is advisable to consume one capsule. It has 4.3 stars.

3. Viva Naturals: improve your mood and immune system

Evening primrose oil helps keep your skin healthy and your immune system too. It has fatty acids that provide great benefits. If you have a very irritable stomach it helps to alleviate discomforts like bloating and nausea. Evening primrose oil at menopause can balance your mood.

This oil is 4.5 stars and it has 120 capsules. You can consume it if you are in premenopause, as it controls that the symptoms do not go to extremes.