A vitamin for hair that cares and strengthens.

Vitamin B3 has many benefits for your skin and hair, even more so if you have problems like dandruff or oily hair. Vitamin B3 strengthens hair follicles, improves circulation, and controls the production of sebum in the skin and hair. It helps prevent wrinkles, aging and gives elasticity to the skin. Vitamin B3 is a vitamin for hair growth, ideal for consumption by men and women.

1.Vitamin B3 helps provide nutrients to the scalp: Biophix

Vitamin B3 is a vitamin that helps regenerate the skin, and the scalp is skin. This makes it possible to promote that grow hair and that hair is strong. It helps the scalp to stay healthy, not irritate, not inflamed and not cause dandruff or fungus.

Vitamin B3 helps the skin a lot and is excellent for not losing elasticity and increases the production of keratin for healthy, undamaged and less brittle hair.

2. Vitamin B3 helps hair grow and reduces sebum: aSquared Nutrition

One of the vitamins for hair growth is vitamin B3, one of its great benefits is that it helps improve circulation and thereby promote hair growth. An advantage of vitamin B3 for oily hair is that it can control sebum production and thereby prevent dandruff and irritations.

This hair vitamin helps take care of your skin from the sun’s rays and from contamination that also affect the scalp by inhibiting hair growth.

3. Vitamin B3 and B6 to strengthen hair and smoothness: Bronson

Putting vitamin B3 and B6 together makes it a vitamin for the hair because fortifies hair follicles, Keratin is given to the hair to make it resistant to free radicals, heat damage and by applying dye. The B3 and B6 help your hair shine, smooth, and even give it strength to grow healthy.

This supplement is a vitamin B complex, contains all the vitamins so that your body, skin and hair stay healthy. If you consume vitamin B3 it will help prevent dandruff, fungus and hair loss.