Take care of your scalp and nourish your hair.

Damaged hair, frizzy hair, and even a dry, irritated scalp can all be triggered by your shampoo. You should know that each shampoo has an alcohol type, it can be ethanol, propanol, isopropyl alcohol, among others. Some alcohols can affect the texture of your hair, can dry out your scalp, cause itching, and can make it thinner and finer.

What are the benefits of using an alcohol free shampoo?

1. Thoroughly cleanses, removes dandruff without irritating the scalp

If you are one of those who have dandruff or produce white scales on your scalp, the shampoo you use may alter the pH and your scalp be sensitive causing more dandruff. This shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens, so it helps to keep your hair clean and gradually eliminate dandruff.

Several buyers liked it because the dandruff has disappeared in a short time and cleans thoroughly. This shampoo can be used if you have very hair slim and tinted.

2. Makes thicker hair, gives texture if you have curly hair

Although this shampoo has an alcohol type, its consistency and properties are different that will help your hair to be thicker and not weaken so easily, it also gives your hair texture, it is perfect if you have curly hair because your curls will be more defined and nothing heavy. Its ingredients such as argan oil help to give natural shine.

It can be used on men and women, it is not recommended for women who dye their hair. Its price is ideal for benefit you get.

3. Strengthens, gives flexibility and helps healthy hair growth

A shampoo that does not have a high alcohol content, helps your hair to be stronger and resistant to damage, it also helps you not lose hair and the growth of new hair is healthy. This shampoor is it totally natural, it does not have sulfates or parabens, or gluten. When applying this shampoo it does not produce much foam, but it is totally normal; and cleans just like any shampoo.

This shampoo is ideal for prevent hair loss, but not to stop the problem. Although the cost is high, its content is 17.5 ounces.