Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for relaxing you, reduce anxiety and high levels of stress. One of magnesium’s tasks is to keep your nervous system balanced, your blood pressure and heart rate healthy. Although your body produces magnesium, excess stress, alcohol consumption and a lot of caffeine cause levels to drop dramatically.

Not all magnesium supplements serve to relieve stress, as some have low amounts. When buying a magnesium supplement, there may be several ingredients such as cortisol, ashwagandha or vitamin B6 that together support the nervous system to eliminate stress and you can feel more relaxed.

1. Sleep better and eliminate anxiety:

This supplement helps you relax, you can sleep well, lower your stress levels and even eliminate muscle cramps and spasms. These capsules contain vitamin B6 and magnesium that support the nervous system. Remember that you need to consume daily for at least 3 months, a supplement for you to see greater results and be consistent.

Despite its low sales, It has 4.5 stars. Its buyers have slept better, their stress levels have decreased and they have eliminated anxiety symptoms.

2. Magnesium and cortisol to give you energy and relax on very tense days:

This supplement, in addition to having magnesium, contains cortisol that together combat fatigue and that feeling of extreme tiredness. The capsules will help you end stress and anxiety symptoms. It will help change your mood and feel more relaxed. You must consume one capsule after eating, always remember to stay well hydrated.

A gluten or dairy free supplement has a rating of 4.1 stars. In situations of high stress avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, this can alter you more.

3. Relax your muscles and give you peace of mind:

Relieve your stress and relax your muscles With this powder, restore your mineral balance so you can feel calmer. It is important that you spend a few minutes at work or at home, to breathe and consume this supplement, which will make you feel better.

You should consume a tablespoon and a half either in your juice, tea or smoothie. Keep in mind decreasing caffeineIn addition to being stressful, it does not help the absorption of magnesium.