This cream of Mother of pearl shell for wrinkles and blemishes revitalizes your skin, removes dark spots and prevents acne. It has many nutrients such as zinc, copper, calcium and others that help regenerate the skin.

The nutrients in this cream also help with collagen production, resulting in a smooth, hydrated complexion. mother of pearl shell It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, acting on bacteria and fat deposits, thus stopping its accumulation.

The cream of mother of pearl shell Helps lighten and even disappear wrinkles, scars, burns, skin blemishes, and acne. It is mainly effective to lighten the expression lines on the face and to remove the spots that appear during pregnancy. The mother-of-pearl shell helps keep the skin hydrated without leaving it greasy or sticky. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that mother-of-pearl penetrates deeply into all layers of the skin.

The mother of pearl shell not only does it effectively remove wrinkles and blemishes from the skin, but it also contains exfoliating and nourishing properties that intervene in the regeneration and stimulation of the skin cells that you need.