An easy and effective way to get your figure back after giving birth.

During a pregnancy Without complications, the physical alterations in the woman’s body will be due to the stretching of the tissue that surrounds the abdomen, the gain of volume in the breasts, the enlargement of the hips and a significant increase in weight. After this natural process, there is no strict formula that allows us to recover our figure.

In this sense, each woman’s body responds uniquely to this process; However, a simple tool that is undoubtedly the best weapon to recover our figure is the use of girdles. During pregnancy, bloating occurs, and after delivery, the use of girdles It allows us to be more comfortable and help our posture in the postpartum recovery process.

Due to the stretching that our muscles undergo, the abdomen after gestation looks more flaccid. Wearing the right girdle allows us to fit our clothes a little better, shape our silhouette better and contract our abdomen while our organs return to their usual positions.

Thus, among the benefits offered by Postpartum girdles There is compression on the abdominal area, which accelerates recovery and reduces bloating if you have had a C-section. In this way, you will be less exposed to hurting your sutures and also less exposed to infections and bacteria that are outside.

On the other hand, the use of girdles It also allows us to recover our posture, since after carrying the weight of a baby for nine months, our back is usually resentful and with an inadequate posture. In this way, with the use of the belt we gradually recover our posture and restore its correct position. Take a look at the following postpartum girdle options and choose the one that best suits you:

1. Medical Grade Girdle for Compression and Support


It is made with front and rear panels Triple-layer reinforced, designed to target and support your core where you need it most. They are made with microporous, hypoallergenic and breathable fabric.

It gives your core a compression and support 360ยบ to help you feel more comfortable and regain your mobility. It also helps you reduce pain from pelvic pressure.

2. Recovery girdle with adjustable straps


This postpartum recovery girdle gives you support for its belly bands, that provide you with a support that meets all the needs of motherhood throughout the post-delivery support process.

Helps you facilitate transition of the uterus and reduces it to normal size, supports your lower back and keeps your belly in. Redefine your waist line and relieve back pain after delivery.

3. Shaping and adjusting girdle Post natal


It is made with breathable material, light and high quality. It helps you correct your posture, and its design prevents the abdominal band from rolling up when you sit down or move. It is very comfortable and easy to clean.

It is essential for you postpartum recoveryIt helps you reduce swelling in your core abdominal muscles and get your uterus back to its original size as soon as possible, as well as making you look slimmer.