A simple and powerful amulet to attract fortune.

The chinese coins they are a practical tool used in Feng Shui. Symbolically they represent prosperity in all its aspects such as money, wealth, abundance and power. They are generally used with the aim of attracting happiness from material achievements, but they are also used as ways to improve economic stability and income.

As for the symbolism, the Chinese coins have a round shape with a square hole that is located in the center. The circle represents heaven and the square represents earth, thus, the coins represent the trinity of fortune of heaven, earth and man. Each side has a symbolism, the Yang side of the coins has four hino characters, it must always be above it and the Yin side has

Thus, since Chinese coins are one of the main elements of Feng Shui, they symbolize the wealth, prosperity, abundance and power, being very common that they are tied with a red ribbon, considered as the channel of fire energy and thus representing the correct fluidity of energies. There is a wide variety of coin amulets, each serving a function.

We can only differentiate them by the number of coins they contain, in this sense, depending precisely on the number they are, they will fulfill different functions. For example, a Chinese coin symbolically represents heaven with earth and is advised within the Feng shui use it as an amulet within our purse or wallet.

According to the function or element that we want to favor, the place where we must dispose the coins will depend, therefore, the coins that have only one are the ones that should always be in our wallets. So that abundance, prosperity and wealth in every way never stray from your side, we show you some examples of the coins what you must have within the portfolio.

1. 100 Coins of Fortune China

They are made of thin but strong metal, lightweight and easy to transport. Its relief design has clearly visible Chinese characters. The diameter of each is about 1 inch.

Placing these Chinese fortune coins inside your purse, purse, cash register, or ledger is said to attract the rich chi, as well as treasures and protection.

2. Chinese Coins Feng Shui


Their design is very interesting, they imitate the style of the coins of the Ching dynasty, which include the names of the emperors. They are used to attract good luck and improve positive Chi.

You can put them inside your purse, wallet, ledger or just tie them with a red lace. They should not be missing from your wallet so that luck and good fortune are always with you.

3. Set of 50 Large Coins

These coins of old style and large sizes are made from real brass. They are of better quality, strong and inflexible. Its size is approximately 27 millimeters in diameter.

They are perfect to be used in Feng Shui, you just have to place them inside your purse, bag or wallet to activate and attract the energy of the prosperity, success and good fortune.