Quality intimate clothing and above all very comfortable.

The underwear They are clothing that is in direct contact with the most sensitive areas of the skin. In this sense, in addition to protecting ourselves and shaping the body, it is also essential that they are comfortable. An excellent option in underwear will always be those that are made with cotton, and below we show you some of the best styles.

1. Panty classic with stretch design


These are some panties of classic style with sturdy elastic straps that help create a secure fit. They are label-free pieces, this makes them much more comfortable to use.

They are an excellent option for daily use, thanks to their design and the quality of their materials. You can comfortably wear them under skirts, dresses, pants or any of your favorite clothes.

2. Brassiere rimless


It is a practical bra designed with panels of side coverage to soften the lump that forms under the arm. Its straps are wider to provide greater support and comfort.

his clasp closure allows you to easily adjust it. It is an ideal option that you can wear daily under any blouse or dress, to show off a beautiful bust.

3. Underpants with lace


These are seamless underpants with legs and a comfortable waist. Its cotton content offers your skin a feeling soft and comfortable. Its flexible fabric adapts to your silhouette to give you more freshness and comfort.

Their variety of colors they allow you to combine them and wear under any of the clothes in your wardrobe. They fit perfectly to use under pants, skirts or even dresses.

4. Brassier no rods


This is a comfortable cotton bra that will surely be your choice of daily use. It has a design and shape that prevents it from being marked under clothing, all thanks to its invisible edge neckline.

It gives a great shape to your bust, thanks to its cups with foam lining no rods that are in charge of subtly raising your bust. Its fully elastic straps give you a sexier look.