Folic acid is an essential B vitamin for health that contributes to the creation of new cells, which makes it necessary for all people, not only women who are pregnant as is commonly believed. But certainly it is an important element for women who are of childbearing age, because by consuming it before and during pregnancy, they can prevent birth defects in the baby’s brain and other body parts.

Other benefits:

  • Supports cardiovascular, bone and brain health
  • Provides an essential nutrient for all stages of life
  • May reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain or spinal cord
  • Formulated with a stable and bioavailable form of folate.

1. Supplement Bio-Tech Pharmacal:

These capsules of folate are an essential nutrient which is involved in the synthesis and metabolism of DNA and certain amino acids. It is especially important during pregnancy and childhood, but is required for the proper growth and maintenance of cells throughout life.

Adequate intake of folate in healthy diets can reduce a woman’s risk of having a child with a birth defect in the brain or spinal cord. Research suggests that folate supplementation may aid cardiovascular and bone health by balancing homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčmetabolism. Cooking often reduces the natural folate content of food. However, supplementation with folic acid can provide a stable and bioavailable form of folate.

2. Nature Made – folic acid tablets:

Recommended as part of a woman’s daily regimen for health, stress, mood, and prenatal care. It helps in the development of the nervous system in the fetus; contains 100% RDA of folic acid per tablet And it can play an important role in heart health.

3. Tablets Bronson Organic:

The Bronson Folic Acid use only organic whole lemon peel extract. Lemons are grown on an organic farm without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and extracted with water to maintain purity. In addition to folic acid, the extract provides bioflavonoids naturally present in the lemon peel.

4. Capsules CONCEPTION Fertility:

CONCEPTION by Eu Natural It is the real solution to fertility, health and conception, naturally. Complete nutrition for the future of mother and baby, including manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, and folic acid among its ingredients, increases the effectiveness of this healthy natural fertility aid. It is the # 1 best seller in Amazon within its category.