A classic gift that never goes out of style ….

There is no better time to launch a new perfume than Mother’s day. It is a classic gift that every woman likes. But which one to buy is the question? Buying a perfume can overwhelm us with so many new varieties that are constantly coming onto the market.

Although it is true that women often have their preferences, with this type of gift we give them the opportunity to try new fragrances. Look at the 9 options most popular perfumes to give away on Mother’s Day.

1. Beautiful rose from Oscar de la Renta:

A Oscar de la Renta fragrance, with notes of pink pepper, rose and patchouli. It comes in a 100ml presentation in a fancy flirty bottle.

This floral scent is meant to make you feel joyous and sensual. It is a fresh perfume that highlights your romantic and seductive side. You can use it daily regardless of the dynamics of your day to day.

2. Sofia from Sofía Vergara:

Sofia is a floral oriental fragrance with notes of plum, blackberry and redcurrant buds. Her heart beats with the sensual perfume of roses, violets and orchids. And its woody base is made of vanilla and sandalwood.

Its packaging is inspired by emerald, a precious stone from Colombia. Without a doubt, it is a perfume created so that women feel irresistible and glamorous wherever they want them to go.

3. Green rose from Valentino:


The output notes are the green rose, ginger, bergamot and petit grain from Paraguay. The heart of this fragrance of magnolia, rose and fragrant olive and its base is of yerba mate and musk.

It is a perfume created to set the spring. It is a green, floral, refreshing, enveloping and delicious essence that renews the aromatic notes of the mythical design house.

4. Victoria’s Secret – Enchanted Nights Nº 23:

It is an exotic and delicious aroma that mixes coconut and sandalwood essences. The fragrance of this splash is a sensual and mysterious combination of aromas that highlight the sexy side of women.

It is the necessary dose to feel fabulous and awaken the senses of those who perceive it. A long-lasting perfume that beautifully simplifies femininity and sensuality in one fragrance.

5. Women from Calvin Klein:

This fragrance was created by Raf Simons as creative director of the house Calvin Klein. The bottle presents the female eye as a metaphor for a world view and a reflection of oneself. Created by artist Anne Collier, the visual art motif represents an emblem of the women’s campaign and serves as a source of strength and emotion.

Its ingredients are based on eucalyptus, and cedar for a woody and floral composition. Inspired by the inherent freedom and empowered reality of modern women, this fragrance celebrates the feminine spirit and power.

6. Alien of Thierry Mugler:

This perfume is well known for its mild fragrance jasmine, wood, vanilla, incense and white amber. It comes in an opaque glass bottle.

Its woody oriental fragrance blends perfectly with outdoor activities. Besides, his soft and elegant scent make it a perfect gift for any modern woman.

7. Bloom from Gucci:

Gucci presents Bloom under the creative vision of Alessandro Michele. This is the third edition of Bloom that maintains the original jasmine scents,

If you are looking for a very feminine fragrance, it comes with a delicate scent of rose and osmanthus. You will always feel fresh.

8. Anniversary of Vera Wang:

The Vera Wang Anniversary perfume It comes with a fragrance of mandarin and bergamot, which makes it feel fresh and soft on contact. It is also characterized by being floral, and with the aroma of cedar, amber and lily.

Vera Wang presents this fruity floral fragrance, with very good hold, aimed mainly at young women. It is a versatile perfume that adapts for both day and night.

9. MK’s Michael Kors:

The Michael Kors perfume It comes in a rectangular glass bottle, which contains a mixture of flower and incense aromas, giving the fragrance a soft and sweet touch.

This version of the perfume is very sophisticated and was launched in 2000. I have personally used it for a long time and I love its floral and very sensual aroma. It is a perfume that they catalog as 5 stars people who have bought it in Amazon, since it is not necessary to use as much quantity when applying it and its fixation lasts all day.