So you don’t get embarrassed and always feel fresh …

Women love to use perfumes, and more when we sweat more for various factors, we surround ourselves with strong smells every day at the workplace, etc. If you go through any of these things, more specifically if you sweat a lot, you need to use perfumes with greater fixation, among other characteristics that benefit you to smell rich for a longer time.

Although the Bad smell, mainly in the armpits, it is regularly associated with men, it can also be a problem for women. That odor occurs when sweat produced by certain glands mixes with bacteria on the skin. Fortunately, women who have problems with body odor have many perfume options to fix it, and for that there are several fragrances that attack that problem. Here we share several of those options:

1. Sung by Alfred Sung:

Sung women’s perfume. Within seconds of spraying, the odor begins to develop. It has a mild lemon and tangerine fragrance highlighting tropical floral notes in a layer of fruity floral delight.

It includes middle notes considered the heart of the fragrance, orange blossom and jasmine leading the aromatic heart of white flowers, achieving a luxurious aroma. Vanilla and sandalwood add depth to the sensual base of this multi-layered fragrance.

2. Beautiful rose from Oscar de la Renta:

A Oscar de la Renta fragrance, with notes of pink pepper, rose and patchouli. It comes in a 100ml presentation in a fancy flirty bottle.

This floral scent is meant to make you feel joyous and sensual. It is a fresh perfume that highlights your romantic and seductive side. You can use it daily regardless of the dynamics of your day to day.

3. Green rose from Valentino:


The output notes are the green rose, ginger, bergamot and petit grain from Paraguay. The heart of this fragrance of magnolia, rose and fragrant olive and its base is of yerba mate and musk.

It is a perfume created to set the spring. It is a green, floral, refreshing, enveloping and delicious essence that renews the aromatic notes of the mythical design house.

4. Red Door from Elizabeth Arden:

Red Door is a classic that every woman must have. It is a glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, and warm fragrance. It has a mixture of strong flowers for better fixing for long hours.

Elizabeth Arden empowers all women to be prepared to leave their mark wherever it goes. With a sleek design and a glamorous red glitter finish, the Red Door packaging continues to celebrate its iconic red door.