A console video game it can not only provide children with moments of entertainment; Adults can also have fun with the excellent options in games that these devices offer us. In the market there is a variety of consoles available, but this time we present you the best two: the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, so you can decide which is the best for you.

First of all we have the console Xbox One. Their games are designed with True 4K with HDR and Blu-ray 4 technology that give you a much more immersive gaming and entertainment experience. It has 1TB of storage, its hard drive specifically allows you to have several highly successful games and many applications, independent titles, recorded game images and more.

Additionally, it offers exceptional video quality for your games and movies, you can watch content on Blu-ray and DVD. Similarly, Blu-ray game discs allow mass games to fit on the same disc.

Furthermore, we find the Playstation 4, lighter and thinner. It has 1TB for all the best games, TV, music and much more. Incredible games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits. The games PS4 HDR-enabled come to life with incredible color and clarity on an HDR television, giving you a more vibrant and realistic color spectrum.

Both video game consoles are an attractive option for both young and old, as they provide quality entertainment and excellent image. But if you still can’t decide, we will show you both in more detail below.

1. Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console with Xbox One Wireless Controller -

This console allows you to enjoy games from all generations. You can play highly successful titles, console exclusives, more than 500 games Xbox 360 and for the first time, select original games.

Its 4K Ultra HD resolution allows you stream 4K video in Netflix, Amazon and YouTube among others. You can also listen to your favorite music through Spotify, which makes you have a complete entertainment experience.

2. PlayStation 4


This console gives you 1TB of memory so you can store your games, applications, screenshots and videos. This particular model is much lighter and thinner to offer you comfort.

The resolution quality Makes images come alive with incredible color and clarity. Not only do you have the best moments of entertainment and fun, but you also do it with the best image quality.