Look at the signs of “burnout” …

When was the last time you felt really rested, fresh as a lettuce? That you didn’t need a crane to get out of bed in the morning or three cups of coffee to wake up? Is this happening to you that when bedtime comes, you are exhausted but you can’t get your eyes closed and you end up staying awake, adding a little more fuel to the issue of not being able to get up in the morning?

Maybe it’s a tired analogy, but I think it’s pretty much to the point. Our body is very similar to a car. Everything that nourishes the body, nourishes our life and vice versa. And that which nourishes us creates our energy reserve, just as gasoline moves a car.

The ideal would be to go with a full tank, but you have to be realistic and realize that this is not possible all the time, because life happens. Sometimes we are running with half a tank, others with a quarter tank, and many times, more than we would like to accept -and that we should avoid at all costs-, we go through life with the light on running in “empty” .

The funny thing here is that, although we know that a car does not run without gasoline, we intend to continue running our lives with empty tanks, hoping that the body will react the same as when the tank is full, causing us to end up burned. Although it sounds like a total cliche, the truth is that we cannot offer anything from an empty tank.

Signals of burnout

If you continually feel overwhelmed and even frustrated, if you get depressed on Sunday afternoons because Monday is approaching, if you continually feel worn out and without spirits after working, if your sleep cycles are at random, if your head hurts at every so often or you have frequent muscle aches and you realize that you are complaining more than “normal” and you bichiness is full, you may be burned and you are running in “empty”.

Although we have been taught otherwise, – giving and giving and caring for others as self-sacrificing women – our nature as women is responsive. And there is a perfect balance between giving and receiving, which when it affects, upsets everything inside and outside of us.

This is why creating a self-care routine is vital for any woman. And come on, I’m not telling you to necessarily go to a spa every week, if you can do it, goforit, I would like to. What I mean is that you start creating spaces for yourself. Because believe me, if you are not okay, nothing will be okay.

And maybe you will think How the hell do I make room for myself, if I don’t even have time to comb my hair?

There are very simple things that you can do and that will help you reduce two to the burning and like a phoenix and be reborn from the disaster in which you feel that you are now.

When was the last time you did something fun, just for the simple pleasure of having fun? When was the last time you took a day for yourself, to really rest, without paying attention to anything other than yourself? If you can’t remember that moment, here I am going to leave you with a few ideas that will help you take the steps you need so that you can gradually start creating your radical self-care spaces.

  1. Dare to say no – This is the one that gave me the most work to learn, but if I did, you can too. We are programmed to please everyone and taught us to feel guilty if we don’t please someone or don’t meet their expectations. This week, set limits. Listen to what your instincts say. When someone asks you to do something to which your first reaction is to say no, listen to that intuition and say NO. If it gives you a lot of stress to say no radically try saying “probably not”. No regrets.
  2. Set priorities – Check what you have to do this week and sincerely establish what is essential for you to do and what does not really contribute or support your life. When making decisions about what to do, ask yourself: Will this make me feel happy, revitalized and content after completing it? If the answer is no, don’t commit to doing it.

Write your priorities in a notebook to help you remember them frequently

  1. Create a curfew – This applies especially to electronics. Set a time limit to be in front of the computer, tablets and even the ph The electronic lights simulate daylight, making your body believe that it must remain alert. Take advantage and also reduce the lights in your house. Create a pre-sleep ritual that starts at 9pm at the latest so you can take advantage of the melatonin wave released by the body at 10pm;). Use lamps to create a softer atmosphere at night and use dim lights in your home.


  1. Sleep – This is related to the previous Your room should ideally be used exclusively for just two things, sleeping and having sex. Watching TV, chekiarinstagram or facebook or texting are not included in that mambo, so once you go to bed, sleep. Dedicate at least 7 hours of sleep to your body. Sleeping in complete darkness will help you recover better and sleep well.
  2. Manage stress – Find an activity that helps you calm the stress response. Do breathing exercises, go to a yoga class, run, take a massage, walk barefoot on the ground or on the beach. Have your friends among your favorite phone numbers and call them! Talking and enjoying their company even on the phone is therapeutic, put your mat and yoga clothes in the car so you will have no excuses not to go to a class
  3. Ask for help – Put the perfectionist in you aside and let yourself be helped. I’m sure you feel super good when you can help someone who needed it. Give others a chance to feel good too. Asking for help does not show weakness but leadership and being practical. A good leader delegates. 😉
  4. Misbehave – You don’t always have to be perfect. Perfection is an illusion. Obviously, I am not suggesting that you do something illegal. What I mean is that you let yourself do things that you usually think are “wrong”. Like taking a day off from work, deleting emails you don’t want to read, not answering a call that makes you lazy to answer and yes, it’s not every day but, eat the brownie that you have so much repressed 😉

Cariñina, I have also tried to run my life in “empty” and I have flogged myself hard in the attempt and it was not until I reached a point where I could only take the decision to stop and start caring for myself radically. You don’t have to get to that point. Slowly begin to find ways to create #autocuidadoradical every day. I know you are one#jevaconconsciencia to be deeply loved.