We are in a high season of wedding celebration. Many couples take the opportunity of the summer holidays to get married and go on a trip. As part of this special date for the bride and groom, especially for the brides, one of the details to which we must pay close attention due to the great meaning it has within the bride’s trousseau, is the bouquet, or the famous bouquet. Here we share some of the beautiful pieces that the GAROFANO brand works, among other styles.

GAROFANO is an international brand born in Venezuela with headquarters in the city of Miami, specialized in making bridal bouquets that take the traditional bouquet to the next level in the Fashion & Wedding Business industry. It is a brand aimed at women who are about to get married regardless of where their wedding takes place; women with exquisite tastes, living interesting lives, moved by love and who value what is made by hand, luxury and jewelry.

Mariana S. Boccia, founder of the brand and floral artist together with Jacqueline Martin, co-founder, are responsible for the design and creation of bridal bouquets and headdresses. The flowers and leaves of Italian suede, organza and fine silks are hand cut and sculpted in his studio. Each of the products offered are exclusive, unique and personalized pieces. Swarovski crystals and aromas from Kilian perfume house are the final touch for each of the bouquets models belonging to the new DI SOLITO collection that they offer.

The bouquets are delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in captivating packaging where you can keep your bouquet as a wedding souvenir. The brand offers a completely personalized bouquets section that begins with a design process, obeying the particular demands of each bride.

GAROFANO bouquet

In addition to bouquets and accessories for brides, all girls who are engaged or planning to get married will be able to find in GAROFANO a complete online Wedding Advisor service where Mariana Boccia intimately and directly accompanies each bride with everything regarding their bridal look and The one of the courtship, solves doubts, proposes ideas and recommendations that guarantee a stress-free planning and the achievement of a wedding beyond the standard. Check out some bouquet options for you:

1. Bouquet “Samantha”:

Materials: handmade ribbon roses, brooches and pearl chains

Colors: beige and silver

Handle: satin with rhinestone band

Measurements: 8 x 10 inches

2. Bouquet “Martina”:

Materials: roses handmade ribbon, embroidery, silver brooches, crystals and pearls

Colors: turquoise and pink

Handle: satin with rhinestone band

Measure: 8 x 10 inches

3. Bouquet “Luisana”:

Materials: handmade ribbon roses with chain of falling crystals

Colors: white

Handle: rhinestone band

Measurements: 8 x 10 inches

Other bouquets that you can find in our Shopping Guide:

4. Bridal bouquet in acrylic crystals:

If you are one daring girlfriend, surely you are looking for a original bouquet and totally out of the traditional. This whole acrylic bouquet It has a diameter of almost 8 inches and is handmade. EYE! This style is heavier compared to fabric, since for your stonework adds weight to the bouquet. One of the disadvantages of this style is that acrylic is a very delicate material and care must be taken to avoid falling so that it does not break. It is a minimalist bouquet It comes in 4 colors to choose from.

5. Bouquet with pearl and crystal brooches, which includes two-tone silk flowers:

This bouquet comes in a variety of 6 colors to choose. It is handmade, and for each rose they use the satin silk material. All reviews that this bouquet has on Amazon It is 5 stars, since they mention that it is as shown in the photo. In a bouquet with good balance between flowers, crystal accessories and pearls.