Animals have a much greater hearing capacity than humans, therefore loud noises such as fireworks can cause them a lot of stress and anxiety

Calm the anxiety and stress of your pets due to the noise of fireworks
Calm the anxiety and stress of your pets due to the noise of fireworks

Christmas and New Years are approaching, dates that are usually accompanied by celebrations with Fireworks that can be a source of stress and anxiety for your pets. While people are enjoying the show, both dogs and cats can even get sick from the noise. Fortunately, on amazon You can find a variety of products that will calm your pet so that they stay healthy and strong.

The hearing capacity of dogs and cats differs from that of humans by their great ability to capture sounds at high frequencies, that is, they can hear sounds that are imperceptible to people. For this reason, the noise of fireworks is very annoying for pets. Some animals panic, show tremors, vomit, diarrhea, tachycardia and they can even flee and, in certain cases, acquire aggressive behaviors.

Here we will show you some products available on Amazon that will help calm your pets by the noise of fireworks.

1. Natural drops to calm pets

A few drops formulated with five kinds of bach flowers that help calm animals in times of stress, anxiety and fear. Ideal for days of celebrations with fireworks, for visits to the vet or when traveling.

Totally safe because they are 100% natural, without alcohol and without sedatives. The dose It will not depend on the weight or size of the animal, but on the level of stress it has. However, it is recommended to administer 4 drops orally when the pet needs it. It can be used on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and lizards.

2. Cloth band for cat and dog ears

This tool for pet ears was created to calm and protect cats and dogs from loud noises. At first it was only used when visiting dog groomers, but later its use was extended to other types of situations such as thunder, fireworks, vacuum cleaners and gun bullets. It can also be used to help prevent or heal bruises, to control bleeding, speed recovery from an ear infection, or post-operative protection.

Is elastic band provides Provides gentle compression that reduces noise and has an enveloping effect that calms, comforts and protects pets. It is easy to use, suitable for animals of all sizes and is machine washable.

3. Treats with calming effect for dogs

Protect your pets from the stress of the noise of fireworks, storms, vet visits and other stressful situations with these dog treats that are made from magnesium, L-theanine, L-tryptophan, and a blend of calming herbs like thiamine and chamomile.

The newest thing about this product is that it can be easily administered because come in the form of treats flavored with bacon and cheese that no dog will be able to refuse. Your pet will feel calm, and it also helps to reduce barking, jumping, biting, aggressiveness or hyperactive behavior.

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