Good oral hygiene requires habits that are vitally important to maintaining good general health. We present you essential products with which you can achieve it, favoring your image

Oral hygiene is also essential for our personal appearance
Oral hygiene is also essential for our personal appearance

Maintain oral hygiene It is very important, since it allows us to have healthy and healthy gums and even prevents other common oral diseases. But in addition to our well-being, good oral hygiene It’s fundamental for social relations, so we must pay attention to every detail with the teeth. With that in mind, we have evaluated many options and in the following list we suggest five Essential products for good oral hygiene.

one. Oral Irrigation Cleaner for teeth care:

This oral irrigation cleaner is an essential and advanced product that will help you remove plaque and food debris thanks to it cleans deeply between the teeth and below the conventional with the brush. The Mornwell dental irrigator is made of safe ABS material, and it operates with a single key, making it easy to use.

Its water pulsation ranges from 1400 times / minute to 1700 times / minute, which perfectly removes up to 99.9% of dental plaque in the mouth, effectively massages the gums and prevents oral problems such as tooth stains and bad breath. The flow base of this product has a large capacity and does not require refilling. It also has a control to facilitate the flow of water with a practical switch to turn the product on and off.

two. Set of two mouthwash units Therabreath alcohol free:

Rapidly dissipates morning breath and food odor as this product has excellent ability to attack and eliminate the odor of bad breath, with a formula that harnesses the power of oxygen to fight bacteria under your tongue and throat, thus resulting in better oral hygiene.

This refreshing alcohol-free product, which prevents itching, is free of dyes and other additives that can dry out your mouth. This option allows you to have good breath every day and for a long time, since it is two powerful units for maximum oral hygiene.

3. Tongue scraper stainless steel:

These stainless steel tongue scrapers feature a double-sided curved shape with smooth surfaces for thorough cleaning. They have a 1.4-inch head that is suitable for children and adults alike.

This optimal alternative is specially designed to fit the anatomy of the tongue and to completely eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. So its daily use will help you to better perceive the flavors of food.

4. Toothbrush ultra bleach:

It is a modern electric toothbrush, which has been developed from state-of-the-art technology, since it has an ultra powerful motor that is capable of producing forty thousand vibrations per minute and a wireless charge with four mode operation.

Also, it has an intelligent vibration timer, includes eight additional heads with specially designed bristles, An ultra light and lightweight waterproof traveling case. It has a whitening mode that works through inverted frequencies to dissolve surface stains.

5. Colgate Total Toothpaste Set with fluoride and zinc formula:

This is a well recognized option that will help you eliminate, not only bad breath, prevent plaque build-up and control tartar, but also stains so you can have whiter teeth.

The fluoride and zinc formula is the best way to protect you against cavities, sensitivity and gingivitis, among other common problems in oral health.

If you are interested in seeing and buying more options of Essential products for good oral hygiene, you will find them here.

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