Lip glosses that will make lips look full, shiny, but that will be hydrated with vitamin E or hyaluronic acid to be used daily in winter.

Moisturizing lip gloss that does not dry out the lips and makes them look full.
Moisturizing lip gloss that does not dry out the lips and makes them look full.

There are lipsticks that have beautiful colors, but after a few hours the lips feel dry and the cracks are noticeable. A moisturizing alternative is lip gloss, these leave a shine immediately, but when it begins to dry you will notice hydrating lips, which can be substituted for lip balm.

These hydrating lip glosses contain a formulation with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. N1.are long-lasting, but they will hydrate with each application.

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1. L’oreal Color Riche Le Gloss with vitamin E and argan oil

With a unique and stunning shine, this range of lip gloss is the Riche Le Gloss. They are made with vitamin E and argan oil, to ensure hydration and the lips do not dry out but remain hydratedeven when you don’t have any more product. A line that is characterized by having a lot of shine.

There are 16 different hues, covering brown, pink and red hues.

2. Maybelline, plumping lipstick with hyaluronic acid

With hyaluronic acid this lip gloss will give a complete hydration to the lips, retaining more moisture to prevent them from drying out and cracking in times of very cold or excessive air conditioning. In addition to having hyaluronic acid it will help lips appear much fuller and juicier. Its applicator makes it cover the entire surface of the lips.

There are 20 different colors and this is the colorless lip gloss to match other colored lipsticks.

3. Elf Lip Lacquer, non-sticky lip gloss with vitamin E

When applied to the lips, this lip gloss will not leave that sticky sensation that often characterizes lip gloss. Has vitamin E as a hydrating ingredient to hydrate the lips and prevent it from drying out due to external factors. In addition, it is a much lighter lip gloss, but it has a shiny effect.

It has 8 shades and is totally free of parabens, hydroquin1.and triclosan.

4. Kopari Lip Glossy, lip gloss with shea butter and coconut oil

So that the lips do not dry out, this lip gloss has coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, to protect the lips from external factors. Taking care of moisture and humidity to prevent them from feeling dry and cracked. It is a lip gloss that has a slight color, but that can be combined with some colored lipstick.

It has a rich aroma, prtouch your lips and it keeps them shiny. They also last for a long time.