Richly scented and packed with hydrating nutrients, these creams will help maintain healthy skin, free from dryness and with a fragrance that will make you forget about putting on perfume.

Say goodbye to perfumes!  Moisturizing body creams with rich aromas that leave the smell for hours

Body creams are part of skin care, which must be constant in order to achieve skin that is protected from low temperatures, excess moisture, and maintains a healthy skin barrier. But, to give a twist to the body moisturizer you already have in your bathroom, These are good-smelling moisturizer options to achieve a delicious scent on your body for hours.

Tips to take advantage of moisturizers:

  • Always apply to damp skin. Not only will the scent last longer, but it penetrates the skin much better
  • Always apply with upward movements this will help improve circulation
  • If you require more hydration, add a few drops of oils

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1. Anti-oxidant and firming moisturizer coconut scented

Coconut oil, shea butter, coconut creams, almond oil and sunflower are the ingredients that give the aroma to this moisturizer that smells good and will take you back to the memories of the beach. In its formulation it contains caffeine, which helps improve blood circulation to t1.the skin. It has proteins that protect the skin barrier and leave a soft skin.

It is an ideal moisturizer for dry and itchy skin. Its texture allows rapid absorption without heavy sensation.

2. Moisturizing cream for all skin types scented baby

Without petroleum jelly, without parabens and without talc, this moisturizer is formulated with aloe vera, macadamia oil, vitamin E and vitamin A, to improve the texture of the skin and protect it from external damage. It is made by hand to guarantee the quality of its ingredients. A moisturizer that smells like baby powder and leaves skin soft.

Its consistency is light, which manages to absorb without clogging the pores in oily skin or in areas that tend to break out breakouts of comed1. or acne.

3. Intensive repair cream scented with coffee and chocolate

With a dense and thick texture, it is a moisturizing cream that smells good, which will protect the skin from low temperatures and from gusts of wind, which affect the skin barrier. Vitamin E, cocoa butter and wheat germ are the ingredients that will help to keep the moisture in the skin so that it does not dry out, cracks and prevents flaking.

A moisturizing cream for all skin types. Its aroma is like a dessert and a rich hot coffee.

4. Ultra light cream for dry skin scented with chamomile and calendula

With a calming, herbal scent, this moisturizer has a light texture that makes it suitable for oily skin and even the driest skin. Its key ingredient for hydration is beeswax and botanical oils that retain moisture to prevent dryness and a dry and rough skin.

A moisturizer that does not contain parabens or sulfates. And, if applied at night, it will serve as an aromatherapy process.